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  • WPC material as an alternative to ABS, PVC & veneer edgebanding

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A composite material from polypropylene and fine soft wood fibres.
Extruded in sheets and both sides surface treated. The surface treatment is made by flame and it is effective for a long time.

Advantages of the material:   

  • alternative to ABS, PVC and veneer edgebanding
  • low moisture absorption – reduced swelling and shrinking
  • simple gluing with PU, EVA etc. hot melt glues
  • simple varnishing with standard wood varnishes and colours
  • shrinkage and expansion performance are similar to the base board even if the temperature varies a lot
  • simple cutting
  • also useful for small radius curved edges



combined properties of plastics and wood, low moisture uptake and dimensional stability

  • soft wood fibers filled polypropylene
  • both side surface treated
  • edge bending material
  • furniture industry
Technical documents

Basic colors furniture off white (RAL 9003)

thickness from 1.5-3mm, width 1550mm