Due to its superior physical and mechanical properties, UHMW-PE combines highest strength with wear resistance and consequently provides the best durabilty of all available Polyethylene products.

protection board1protection board2

Fender for protecion in harbors

More than 90 % of all fender applications worldwide are using the reclaimed material.

protection board3

Dasher boards

It can be used for ice rings or any other rings witch has to be protected by a fence. Special aplication with the logo as seen on the lower picture is also possible.


Material usage:

Fender for protecion in harbors

  • PE 1000 reg.
  • PE 1000 virgin

Panels for cooling chambers and hospitals

  • PE 500
  • PE HD

Dasher boards

  • Wall: PE HD
  • Protection in yellow: PE 500

Bumpers for gokart

  • PE HD reg.
  • PE 1000 reg.0

Bumpers for gokart

High impact strength and toughness of the material provides shock absorption in collisions and prevents damage to the vehicle itself (gokart) and guard-rails.

protection board4

Panels for cooling chambers and hospitals

Where there is some transportation with carts the damage on the walls can appear because of the human negligence. The best way is to protect walls with plastic panels in different dimensions and colour.

protection board5

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