Noise pollution effects human health and lowers the quality of life. Long-lasting and excessive exposure to noise negatively influences the overall state of health, decreases concentration, etc.

Sheets can be used as an independent membrane or in combination with plywood, where the membrane is introduced between two sheets of the plywood.

soundproofing part1
In order to reduce
the transfer of noise different sound insulation materials may be used.

Isoform sheets for sound insulation are designed to effectively reduce external and internal noise in public transport vehicles like buses, tramcars, passengers wagons; in shipbuilding industry like ships, yachts, motorboats; in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technology like compressors, individual heat pumps.

soundproofing part2

Isoform sheets for sound insulation are made in different variations and may vary depending on:

  • Density
  • Base thermoplastic elastomer
  • Both or one side fleece for gluing
  • Self-extinguish properties
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