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Chamber filter plates for filtration equipment in accordance with DIN standards or as special designs made from carefully selected materials (high-temperature stabilised monopropylene) pressed under high pressure.

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The effectiveness of a filter depends on the construction and the filter medium support tray material. Some common materials are wood, aluminium, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel and material compounds out of steel and rubber. These elements have shown a lot of disadvantages, e.g. low chemical and corrosion resistance, heavy, unfavourable drainage, considerable abrasion, limited working life, fluid absorbency and bad sealing.

Polypropylene proved to be the best material due to its most favourable price-power-performance and its interesting combination of excellent properties. The advantages of our filter plates: long life span, product quality (pressed under high pressure and machined on CNC machines), excellent sealing, easy cleaning, and light weight

    • Prototype filter plates
    • Accessories for filter plates (handels, flanges, pipes, centre feed spreader rings)



rigid and good chemical resistance, excellent weldability, heat distortion temperature (above 100°C), low density, simple processing and physiologically safe - use in food industry

  • general performance
  • greater stiffness
Technical documents

Basic colours filtration Natur, Grey RAL7032

Custom size, Max 6100 x 2550mm, Tailor made